What We DoSolidarity Journeys offers opportunities for individuals, community groups, schools, educational networks, business and other organisations to engage with the poor and marginalised in the Majority (Third) World by being immersed in their communities in a true spirit of solidarity.

Each journey within a Majority World context extends typically over a 10 to 12 day period and contains the following core elements:


  • Authentic experience of traditional village living to gain insights into the realities of life for people living in remote and isolated communities;
  • Witnessing the work of various organisations through education, health services in hospitals, clinics and health programs, social and skills building programs through community workshops and training programs;
  • A study of the global economy on local society, lifestyles, environments and economies through such activities as mining or forestry and cash cropping;
  • Engagement with the people of the communities we visit in a true spirit of solidarity;
  • Briefings with key personnel involved in delivering programs and projects such as health workers, youth workers, educators and trainers to gain insights into the various issues facing the communities we visit; and
  • Periodic opportunities to pause and reflect, analyse, discuss and journal on various experiences of the journey.

A Solidarity Journey is an experience that jolts.  For those who are open to the possibility each journey has the potential to shift how we think, feel and act in ways that could last a lifetime.