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East Timor Solidarity Journeys:  Bookings available for school, community and business groups during school holidays in 2019/20

Easter break
June / July
September / October
December / January


Purpose of the Journey

The purpose of this journey is to gain insights into the realities of life for our poorest neighbours in both village and urban contexts as well as to witness the work of various organisations meeting the needs of people in the communities we visit.  The journey will include opportunities to visit orphanages, schools, hospitals, health clinics and training centres as well as briefings with key personnel delivering a range of projects and programs.  A core element of the journey will be to travel to a very remote and isolated village to engage with local people to experience life as they live it.

Contact us  for more information about this and other immersion programs.

Draft Itinerary

Day 1 Brisbane to Darwin
Day 2 Final pre-departure briefing; Darwin – Dili
Day 3 Dominican Orphanage Bidau; Reception, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CAVR); Santa Cruz cemetery; Beach
Day 4 Dominican Orphanage; Bairo Pite Health Clinic; Luta Hamutuk
Day 5 am: Activities with children at orphanage. pm: Dili – Baucau
Day 6 Training College for Women; Teachers College; Cultural evening (Baucau Youth)
Day 7 Baucau to Ossu; Hosted by Youth of Ossu
Day 8 Remote Village immersion
Day 9 Remote Village immersion
Day 10 Return to Ossu; rest and reflection
Day 11 School and Health clinic visits; Cultural evening (Ossu Youth)
Day 12 Ossu to Baucau
Day 13 Baucau to Dili
Day 14 Dili – Darwin – Brisbane