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About Solidarity Journeys

We are a network of educators, returned volunteers and aid workers informed by the principles of Human Rights and Ecological Responsibility.

We have a commitment to forming and strengthening attitudes of solidarity between people of the Minority (First) World and people of the Majority (Third) World.

The Network Coordinator, Damian Nelson, has over 20 years of experience developing immersion programs for secondary schools and adult groups across Australia, as an educator in secondary schools that included leadership roles, as an immersion programs coordinator for the Xavier Province Edmund Rice Education Directorate (2000 – 2003) and for a Global Aid Organisation (2005 – 2010).
In 2004 Damian volunteered in East Timor and is intimately familiar with Papua New Guinea.

Others in the network are intimately familiar with many locations across Asia, the Pacific, parts of Africa and South America.